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"From being the closest personal aide to Emperor Palpatine--with a blood oath to assassinate Luke Skywalker--to becoming one of the Alliance's most able friends, this beautiful woman with a dancer's figure, green eyes, and red-gold hair has taken a very long journey.
    Mara Jade was once the 'Emperor's Hand', virtually an extension of his will, who would go anywhere in the galaxy to carry out his orders, including murder.  Her mission was so secret that not even the Emperor's closest aides knew of her.  After Darth Vader's battle with Luke Skywalker on Cloud City--and his revelation to his son and the invitation to join him in ruling the Empire--Palpatine secretly ordered Jade to kill Skywalker.  She beat him to Jabba's palace and went undercover as 'Arica', but she failed in her mission, and Luke went on to help destroy the Emperor along with his second Death Star battle station.  Mara Jade was filled with guilt and vowed to still kill Skywalker--for that was the Emperor's final command.
    After the Emperor's death, her Force powers diminished and she became an outcast who had to find a new job.  She ended up working for smuggler, Talon Karrde, becoming his second-in-command.  But, in the strange ways of fate, Jade did encounter Skywalker--and saved his life, a favor he was to trade with her several times.  She fulfilled the Emperor's final command at last in a roundabout way: She and Karrde had been drawn into the battle between New Republic and Grand Admiral Thrawn.  When the mad Jedi clone Joruus C'baoth called both Luke and Mara to him, then unleashed Skywalker's clone, Luuke, Mara killed the Skywalker clone--and finally C'baoth, too, with help from Luke and Leia Organa Solo.  She was finally free of the Emperor's will.
    Over the next few years, Jade helped Karrde form a guild, the Smuggler's Alliance, and threw its support to the New Republic.  Then Karrde turned his operations over to Mara completely for a while.  After Luke started his Jedi Academy, Mara became a pupil briefly but left to continue running the guild and help challenge the hit-and-run attacks of Imperial Admiral Daala.  She went on daring missions with Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, and even became romantically involved with Calrissian.  Later, at Han Solo's request, Jade and Karrde located and brought to the planet Almania several Force-bending ysalamiri, which Solo used to help Luke and Leia defeat the Dark Jedi Kueller." ~~Stephen J. Sansweet, Star Wars Encyclopedia

The Many Guises of Mara Jade

EN GARDE...Mara Jade with Lightsaber
LISTEN UP, BOYS...Mara Jade the Boss
ALONE...Mara Jade in the Desert
COUNT THE MONEY...Mara Jade the Gambler
DECISIONS, DECISIONS...Mara Jade with her Guns
SOAKING IT UP...Mara Jade Hiking
DEATH TO THE OPPOSITION...Mara Jade Making the Kill
TRAPPED...Mara Jade in Prison
WHY, NOTHING OFFICER...Mara Jade Scaling a Wall
WORKING HARD...Mara Jade Waiting Tables
WATCH YOUR BACK...Mara Jade Sneaking Around
WHAT TO DO...WHAT TO DO...Mara Jade Thinking


Artwork copyright 1998, 1999 Lucasfilm, Ltd. by Carlos Ezquerra