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Gold - best of the season
Blue - wowee!!
Red - excellent!
Green - good

        SEASON 1

                        #1 & 2: Caretaker
                                        Voyager and the Maquis are ripped from the Alpha Quadrant and put into
                                        the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker and combine crews to get home.
                    #3: Parallax
                                        Torres solves Voyager's problem and becomes Chief Engineer.
                    #4: Time and Again
                                        Janeway and Paris are trapped in the past on a doomed planet.
                    #5: Phage
                                        Neelix is attacked by Vidiians and his lungs removed.
                    #6: The Cloud
                                        Voyager hurts a large lifeform.
                    #7: Eye of the Needle
                                        A tiny wormhole offers hope of a way home.
                    #8: Ex Post Facto
                                        Paris is convicted of murder and Sherlock Tuvok takes the case.
                    #9: Emanations
                                        Kim is dying to get back to Voyager after being swept away to a planet.
                    #10: Prime Factors
                                        Voyager takes a pitstop on a planet with technology to get them home.
                    #11: State of Flux
                                        Seska is suspected of giving equipment to the Kazon.
                    #12: Heroes and Demons
                                        Holodoc goes to the holodeck to save some of the crew.
                    #13: Cathexis
                                        The crew is affected by an alien presence that takes over their actions
                                        while Chakotay is brain dead.
                    #14: Faces
                                        Torres is split into two people by a Vidiian doctor.
                    #15: Jetrel
                                        Neelix meets the man that destroyed his family and homeworld.
                    #16: Learning Curve
                                        Tuvok trains up some wayward Maquis.


            SEASON 2

                        #17: The 37's
                                         Voyager meets Amelia Earhart.
                    #18: Initiations
                                         Chakotay helps a Kazon boy be a warrior.
                    #19: Projections
                                         Holodoc thinks he might be a real person.
                    #20: Elogium
                                         Kes goes through puberty.
                    #21: Non Sequitur
                                         Harry Kim goes back to Earth.
                    #22: Twisted
                                         Distortion wave twists up the ship.
                    #23: Parturition
                                         Paris and Neelix fight and makeup.
                    #24: Persistence of Vision
                                         Crew's minds are overtaken by dreams.
                    #25: Tattoo
                                         Chakotay discovers his Delta Quad roots.
                    #26: Cold Fire
                                         Voyager finds the other Caretaker.
                    #27: Manuevers
                                          Chakotay falls into Seska's trap.
                    #28: Resistance
                                          Janeway saves the jailed crew, with help.
                    #29: Prototype
                                           Torres repairs and builds a robot.
                    #30: Alliances
                                          Voyager contacts the Kazon for a treaty.
                    #31: Threshold
                                          Paris exceeds warp 10 and evolves.
                    #32: Meld
                                           Tuvok melds with Suder, a murderer.
                    #33: Dreadnought
                                           Torres fights a missile she programmed.
                    #34: Death Wish
                                           Janeway holds court when a Q wants to die.
                    #35: Lifesigns
                                           Holodoc saves and loves an ill woman.
                    #36: Investigations
                                           Paris leaves Voyager, Neelix flushes out a spy.
                    #37: Deadlock
                                           Two Voyagers and one must be destroyed.
                    #38: Innocence
                                           Tuvok protects a childlike old woman.
                    #39: The Thaw
                                           A clown named Fear must be stopped.
                    #40: Tuvix
                                           Tuvok and Neelix are combined into one person.
                    #41: Resolutions
                                           Chakotay and Janeway left alone on a planet,
                    #42: Basics, Part I
                                           The crew are left on a planet when Seska steals Voyager.

            SEASON 3

                    #43: Basics, Part II
                                           After the crew is stranded on a planet they get back Voyager.
                    #44: Flashback
                                           Tuvok flashbacks to when he was on the Excelsior.
                    #45: The Chute
                                           Paris and Kim fight for their lives in jail.
                    #46: The Swarm
                                           Holodoc's memory fails and Voyager eludes killer aliens.
                    #47: False Profits
                                           Voyager meets up with two Ferengi.
                    #48: Remember
                                           Torres gets the memories of a horrible crime.
                    #49: Sacred Ground
                                           Janeway goes through a religious rite to save Kes.
                    #50: Future's End I
                                          Voyager arrives back in the Alpha Quad... in 1996.
                    #51: Future's End II
                                          Voyager tries to get a 29th century timeship from a man in 1996.
                    #52: Warlord
                                          Kes is taken over by a male warrior.
                    #53: Q and the Grey
                                          The Q Continuum has a Civil War.
                    #54: Macrocosm
                                          Janeway fights a virus that takes over Voyager.
                    #55: Fair Trade
                                          Neelix winds up in hot water after helping with a crime.
                    #56: Alter Ego
                                          Harry Kim seeks Tuvok's help after falling for a hologram.
                    #57: Coda
                                          Janeway "dies" and resists going into the afterlife.
                    #58: Blood Fever
                                         B'Elanna, surprisingly, goes through the Vulcan Pon Farr.
                    #59: Unity
                                         Chakotay meets some former Borg and they save his life.
                    #60: Darkling
                                         The Holodoc's efforts to add to his program go awry.
                    #61: Rise
                                         Neelix and Tuvok team up to help save a planet.
                    #62: Favorite Son
                                         Harry Kim is welcomed as a member of a Delta Quad culture.
                    #63: Before and After
                                         Kes wakes up old and travels backward through her life.
                    #64: Real Life
                                         The Holodoc creates a family and an astral eddy threatens Voyager.
                    #65: Distant Origin
                                         Voyager meets a dinosaur scientist that believes his culture came from Earth.
                    #66: Displaced
                                         The Voyager crew is slowly replaced by aliens.
                    #67: Worst Case Scenario
                                         Seska sabotages a holoprogram about a mutiny on Voyager.
                    #68: Scorpion Part 1
                                         Voyager meets an enemy so powerful it forces them to ask the Borg for an

        SEASON 4

                   #69: Scorpion Part 2
                                          The alliance with the Borg against Species 8472 proves to be
                    #70: The Gift
                                          Kes leaves Voyager and advances her existence and Seven of Nine
                                          advances her humanity.
                    #71: Day of Honor
                                          B'Elanna faces dumping the warpcore, the Day of Honor, and being
                                          stranded in space with Tom.
                    #72: Nemesis
                                          Chakotay crashes in the middle of a war and joins the fight, but who is
                                          the real nemesis?
                    #73: Revulsion
                                          The Holodoc meets a disturbed hologram and Harry's intentions are
                                          misunderstood by Seven.
                    #74: The Raven
                                          Seven's "inner Borg" gets reactivated when she encounters her former
                    #75: Scientific Method
                                          Voyager's crew are the test subjects for bizarre experiments while Tom
                                          and B'Elanna get a little closer.
                    #76: Year of Hell, Part 1
                                          Voyager comes under fire by the Krenim, who have the ability to erase
                                          mankind and history.
                    #77: Year of Hell, Part 2
                                          Captain Janeway stops at nothing to end Annorax's destruction of
                                          cultures and history.
                    #78: Random Thoughts
                                          Tuvok uncovers a secret market for violent thoughts when B'Elanna is
                                          charged with a telepathic crime.
                    #79: Concerning Flight
                                          Janeway and da Vinci team up on a planet to recover items stolen from
                    #80: Mortal Coil
                                          Neelix dies and Seven brings him back from the dead, causing him to
                                          re-evaluate his life.
                    #81: Waking Moments
                                          Chakotay leads a counterattack against aliens that are attacking the
                                          crew in their dreams.
                    #82: Message in a Bottle
                                          The Holodoc is able to transfer into the Alpha Quad to a Starfleet ship
                                          by using an alien relay post.
                    #83: Hunters
                                          Voyager receives Alpha Quad letters from the relay, but the relay's
                                          owners are the deadly Hirogen.
                    #84: Prey
                                          Voyager plays an unwilling host to Species 8472 after it escapes from
                                          the Hirogen.
                    #85: Retrospect
                                          Seven accuses an arms dealer of violating her and harvesting Borg
                    #86: The Killing Game, Part1
                                          Voyager is overtaken by the Hirogen and forced to fight for their lives
                                          on the holodeck.
                    #87: The Killing Game, Part2
                                          The Hirogen's WWII simulation radically changes when the crew is
                                          able to fight back.
                    #88: Vis a' Vis
                                          Tom's body is stolen by an alien named Steth, who takes Tom's place
                                          on Voyager.
                    #89: The Omega Directive
                                          Voyager must eliminate a rare and powerful substance, to Seven's
                    #90: Unforgettable
                                          Chakotay falls in love twice with a woman he will not remember.
                    #91: Living Witness
                                          The Holodoc finds himself in the future where Voyager is depicted as a
                                          ruthless warship.
                    #92: Demon
                                          Duplicates of Harry and Tom are created on a deadly planet, while the
                                          real Harry and Tom almost die.
                    #93: One
                                          Seven reacts badly to the isolation after the crew is put in stasis to
                                          cross a radioactive nebula.
                    #94: Hope and Fear
                                          Voyager receives help decoding Starfleet's message and is lead to a
                                          new ship by an alien with questionable motives.

        SEASON 5

                    #95: Night
                                       Captain Janeway becomes a recluse and the crew drives each other nuts as
                                       they travel through an area void of stars until they discover an alien dumping
                                       toxins into the Void, which is the home of a group of "night" aliens.
                    #96: Drone
                                       A Borg drone is created on accident and matures from baby to adult.
                                       Seven begins instructing him to be an individual, however the Collective is
                                       alerted to his presence.
                    #97: Extreme Risk
                                       B'Elanna engages in dangerous holodeck activities while Tom and the crew
                                       complete construction of a brand new shuttle to go after a probe within a
                                       gas giant..
                    #98: In the Flesh
                                       Chakotay investigates a recreation of Starfleet Headquarters in the Delta
                                       Quad and it turns out to be a training base for Species 8472, who are
                                       looking very human.
                    #99: Once Upon a Time
                                       Neelix distracts Naomi Wildman when her mother Samantha and the away
                                       team on the Delta Flyer is trapped beneath the surface of a planetoid and
                                       near death.
                    #100: Timeless
                                       Harry and Chakotay risk everything to change the past when the rest of
                                       Voyager's crew is killed and the ship imbedded in a glacier because of a
                                       mistake Harry made.
                    #101: Infinite Regress
                                       Seven suffers from multiple personalities from people that had been
                                       assimilated into the Borg after Voyager encounters a piece of Borg
                    #102: Nothing Human
                                       The Holodoc creates a medical specialist to help him when an alien attacks
                                       B'Elanna and uses her as it's life support system, but the new specialist
                                       causes a lot of animosity.


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