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 Caretaker, Part I
        In the 24th century a group of freedom fighters known as the Maquis enter an area known as The Badlands and are swept into the Delta Quadrant by an alien entity known as the Caretaker.  Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew , including the Vulcan First Officer Tuvok who is working undercover aboard the Maquis ship, are sent to discover the whereabouts of the Maquis ship led by Chakotay.  To begin her mission, Janeway recruits the ex-Starfleet officer and ex-Maquis member, Tom Paris, who is serving time in a Starfleet prison.  Before leaving Deep Space 9, Ensign Harry Kim, fresh out of Starfleet Academy, joins Voyager at Ops.  Janeway's ship is also swept into the Delta Quadrant, many of her officers killed, the Emergency Medical Hologram known as the Doctor is activated and the Maquis are encountered.

 Caretaker, Part II
        The Caretaker protects an alien race known as the Ocampa and has been kidnapping people for a long time in an effort to find the perfect DNA for breeding.  Harry Kim of Voyager and B'Elanna Torres, a Maquis engineer, are kidnapped and kept on the Ocampa underground homeworld.  Neelix, a Talaxian scavenger and jack-of-all-trades,  approaches Voyager with a solution to dealing with the Kazon, a hostile enemy race--water.  His interest is to save his lover, an Ocampa female named Kes.  Voyager and her crew destroy the Caretaker's Array to save the Ocampa from the Kazon in a battle that costs Chakotay his ship.  The two crews merge.  Chakotay replaces Tuvok as First Officer and has a severe distrust and dislike of Tom Paris, who is given the rank of Lieutenant and assigned the Conn.  Voyager must now navigate the 70,000 light years back to Earth.

        The crew adjusts to each other and the Delta Quadrant.  Lt. Carey and B'Elanna Torres compete for the position of Chief Engineer, Neelix becomes the cook and guide, Kes gets put in charge of the airponics bay.  Voyager encounters a quantum singularity(a star that has collapsed in on itself and created an energy field that is sucking Voyager in).  Janeway and Torres save the day by sending a Tekyon beam from a shuttlecraft into the energy field, and Torres is appointed Chief Engineer.

 Time And Again
        Harry Kim discovers a supspace fracture that allows a glimpse of a destroyed planet before the destruction.  Janeway and Paris get caught in the fracture and transported back in time to when the planet was populated.  Kes senses the destruction and is able to follow Tom and the Captain's trail.  Janway and Paris must break the Prime Directive to warn the locals about the impending destruction of their planet and eventually are transported back to their own time.

        Neelix converts Janeway's private dining room into a kitchen and later is attacked by Aliens known as the Vidiians while on an away mission searching for dilithium.  His lungs are stolen and the alien defense is that it is customary practice due to a virulent disease that eats away at their bodies called the phage.  To save his life, Kes donates a lung to Neelix.   Kes becomes the Medical Assistant to the Doctor.

 The Cloud
        Chakotay helps Janway find her animal spirit guide.  Voyager encounters a nebula emitting omicron particles.  Tom invites Harry to Sandrines, a holoprogram he created.  The Doctor and Lt. Torres discover that the nebula is actually a living organism that Voyager has hurt and they go about fixing the damage.  Janeway meets her animal spirit guide--a little green lizard.
 Eye Of The Needle
        Ensign Kim discovers a very old and very small wormhole--and there's a Romulan ship on the other side.  However the Romulan leader, Telek, lived 20 years ago.  He agreed to relay messages to Voyager's crew's loved ones at the appropriate time but was discovered to have died 4 years before he could do so.  The Doctor gets the ability to terminate his own program.

 Ex Post Facto
        Kim and Paris visit the Baneans, an alien race at war with the Numiri.  Lidell Ren, the wife of the powerful Tolen Ren, attracts Tom's attention.  Tom is blamed for Tolen's murder and sentenced: relive the crime from the victim's perspective for the rest of his life.  Voyager is attacked by the Numiri.  Tuvok uncovers a plot and solves the crime.

        Chakotay, Kim and Torres encounter a Vhnori burial ground.  Kim is accidentally beamed to the Vhnori homeworld, while a sick alien woman called Ptera is transported to Voyager.  She is cured of a brain tumor, then dies in a transporter accident.  Voyager decided to stop looking for Harry to protect the warp core.  In the nick of time Harry is discovered.

 Prime Factors
        The crew visits the planet Sikaris for a little vacation and encounters space-folding technology that would allow them to cut down their journey home.  Janeway refuses an offer to buy the technology from a shady source.  Torres, Carey and Seska conspire to ignore her orders and with Tuvok's help, they obtain the spatial projector.  It ends up to be incompatible with Voyager's system.  Janeway is greatly disappointed in her old friend, Tuvok.

 State Of Flux
        Seska gets lost on away mission whle being atacked by the Kazon-Nistrim, but Chakotay finds her.  Seska steels mushrooms from Neelix's kitchen to make Chakotay some soup.  Neelix reports the theft and Chakotay chastises Seska.  The Kazon obtain Federation technology from Seska who is revealed to be a Cardassian spy.  Seska escapes with the Kazon.

 Heroes and Demons
        Harry Kim goes missing on the holodeck.  Tuvok and Chakotay disappear while searching for him in the holoprogram, a version of Beowulf.  Janeway assigns the Doctor, who has chosen to be called Schweitzer, to the case.  In the program the Doc meets Freya, who dies to save his life.  The Doc discovers the source of the missing crewmembers and puts everything back to rights.  He decides that the name Schweitzer is too painful to him now(Freya died saying it.)

        Janeway gets away from it all in her Gothic holonovel.  Chakotay is declared brain dead after a shuttlecraft accident while exploring a black nebula.  The crew acts strangely.  Tuvok takes command of the ship.  Chakotay saves the day even while unconscious.

        Torres, Paris and Durst are kidnapped by the Vidiians on an away mission.  Torres is split into two people: one fully Klingon, and one fully human.  The Klingon is discovered to be phage resistant.  The two B'Elanna's and Tom Paris get free(Durst dies), but the Klingon B'Elanna is killed by a Vidiian.  The Doctor is able to re-integrate B'Elanna's Klingon DNA.

        Jetrel was the Haakonian scientist behind the Metreon Cascade that annihilated Rinax, Talax's moon, and killed Neelix's family.  Jetrel boards Voyager ostensibly to discern whether or not Neelix has been infected with the fatal disease, metremia.  Actually, he is the one dying and seeks Neelix's forgiveness before his death.

 Learning Curve
        Tuvok, Janeway and Chakotay come up with idea of a Maquis "boot camp" in order to instruct the Maquis crewmembers in Starfleet protocols.  The gel packs in the replicators become infected with a virus from an alien cheese fermenting in Neelix's kitchen.  Tuvok earns the respect of the Maquis.



 The 37's
        An SOS is detected by Voyager and is traced to an old Earth aircraft.  Eight earthlings are found in cryogenic units on an alien planet.  Amelia Earhart is one of them.  Voyager is attacked by the Briori, the descendents of the original 300 humans abducted from Earth in 1937 as slaves.  The cryogenic chamber is part of their religion, like a shrine, and the 8  are like gods.  Voyager's crew is invited to stay on the Earth-like planet, while Janeway invites Earhart to go with them.

        Chakotay helps a Kazon-Ogla boy become a warrior.

        The Doctor thinks he might be human.

        Kes goes through puberty and contemplates having a child with Neelix.

 Non Sequitur
        Harry Kim goes back to Earth and encounters his girlfriend, Libby.

        A distortion wave twists up Voyager.

        Paris and Neelix fight and make up.

 Persistence of Vision
        The crew's minds are overtaken by dreams.

        Chakotay discovers his Delta Quadrant roots.

 Cold Fire
        Voyager finds the other Caretaker.

        Chakotay falls into Seska's trap.

        Janeway saves the jailed crew.

        Torres repairs a robot and is coerced into building another.

        Voyager contacts the Kazon for a treaty.

        Paris exceeds Warp 10 and evolves.

        Tuvok melds with Lon Suder, a murderer.

        Torres fights a missile she programmed in the Alpha Quadrant.

 Death Wish
        Janeway holds court when a Q wants to die.

        The Doctor saves and loves an ill woman.

        Paris leaves Voyager, while Neelix finds a spy.
        Two Voyagers, and one must be destroyed.

        Tuvok protects a child-like old woman.

 The Thaw
        A clown named Fear must be stopped.

        Tuvok and Neelix are merged into one person as a result of a transporter accident.

        Chakotay and Janeway are left alone on a planet.

 Basics, Part I
        Seska steals Voyager and the crew is abandoned on a planet.



 Basics, Part II
        The stranded crew gets Voyager back.

        Tuvok flashes back to his time on the Excelsior.

 The Chute
        Paris and Kim fight for their lives in jail.

 The Swarm
        The Doctor loses his memory and Voyager eludes killer aliens.

 False Profits
        Voyager encounters two Ferengi.
        Torres gets the memories of a horrible crime.

 Sacred Ground
        Janeway goes through a religious rite to save Kes.

 Future's End, Part I
        Voyager arrives in the Alpha Quadrant...circa 1996.

 Future's End, Part II
        Voyager tries to get a 29th century timeship from a man in 1996.

        Kes is taken over by a male warrior.

 The Q and The Grey
        The Q Continuum has a Civil War.

        Janeway fights a virus that has taken over Voyager.

 Fair Trade
        Neelix is in trouble after helping with a crime.

 Alter Ego
        Harry seeks Tuvok's help after falling in love with a hologram.

        Janeway dies and resists going into the afterlife.

 Blood Fever
        B'Elanna goes through the Vulcan Pon Farr.

        Chakotay is saved by a former Borg.

 The Darkling
        The Doctor's efforts at self-improvement go awry.

        Neelix and Tuvok help save a planet.

 Favorite Son
        Harry is welcomed as a member of a Delta Quadrant culture.

 Before & After
        Kes wakes up old and travels backward through her life.

 Real Life
        The Doctor  creates a holofamily.

 Distant Origin
        Voyager meets a dinosaur scientist who believes his culture come from Earth.

 Worst Case Scenario
        The now-dead Seska sabotages a holoprogram about a mutiny aboard Voyager.

        Voyager's crew is slowly replaced by aliens.

 Scorpion, Part I
        Voyager forms an alliance with the Borg against Species 8472.



 Scorpion, Part II
        The alliance with the Borg becomes more dangerous, and Seven of Nine joins the crew.

 The Gift
        Kes leaves Voyager to advance her existence, while Seven explores her humanity.

 Day of Honor
        B'Elanna is faces with dumping the warpcore, the Klingon Day of Honor, and being in stranded in space with Tom and only minutes of oxygen left.

        Chakotay joins an alien war, but who's the real nememsis?

        The Doctor meets a disturbed hologram and Seven misundertands Harry's intentions.

 The Raven
        Seven's "inner Borg" resurfaces when she encounters her childhood ship.

 Scientific Method
        Voyager's crew becomes test subjects for bizarre experiments, while Tom and B'Elanna get a little closer.

 Year of Hell, Part I
        Voyager comes under fire by the Krenim, an alien race with the ability to erase history.

 Year of Hell, Part II
        Janeway must stop at nothing to end the Krenim's destruction of history.

 Random Thoughts
        Tuvok uncovers a black market for violent thoughts when Torres is charged with a telepathic crime.

 Concerning Flight
        Janeway and da Vinci recover items stolen from Voyager.

 Mortal Coil
        Neelix dies and Seven brings him back to life.

 Waking Moments
        Chakotay leads a counter-attack against aliens who are attacking the crew in dreams.

 Message in a Bottle
        The Doctor transfers to the Alpha Quadrant via an alien relay post.

        Voyager receives Alpha Quadrant letters, while the relay's owners are revealed to be a deadly race known as the Hirogen.
        Voyager is the unwilling host to Species 8472 after it escapes from the Hirogen.

        Seven accuses an arms dealer of harvesting her Borg nanoprobes without consent.

 The Killing Game Pt. I
        Voyager is overtaken by the Hirogen and forced to fight on the holodeck.

 The Killing Game Pt. II
        The Hirogen's WWII simulation changes when the crew starts to fight back.

        Tom's body is stolen by an alien who takes his place on Voyager.

 The Omega Directive
        Seven argues against Janeway's eliminatoin of a rare and powerful substance.

        Chakotay falls in love for the second time with a woman he will not remember.

 Living Witness
        The Doctor finds himself in a future where Voyager is depicted as a warship.

        Duplicates of Tom and Harry are created on a deadly planet, while the real ones nearly die.

        Seven reacts badly to isolation while the crew is in stasis.

 Hope & Fear
        Voyager receives help decoding a Starfleet message and is lead to a new ship by an alien with questionable motives.



        The crew discovers an alien dumping toxins into a barren region of space known as the Void.  The only problem is that the Void is home to a group of "night" aliens who are being poisoned by the toxis.

        Seven gets to play mother when a Borg drone is created by an accidental combination of he Doctor's emitter with Seven's nanoprobes.

 Extreme Risk
        B'Elanna plays dangerous games in the holodeck with the safety off in order to cope with her grief at losing friends.

 In the Flesh
        Chakotay investigates a re-creation of Starfleet Head Quarters in the Delta Quadrant and runs into some very human-looking Species 8472.

 Once Upon a Time
        Neelix watches Naomi Wildman while her mother, Samantha, is dying on an away mission.

        Harry and Chakotay change the past after Voyager gets trapped in a glacier and the crew dies due to Harry's miscalculation.

 Infinite Regress
        Seven suffers from multiple personalities after coming in contact with a peice of Borg technology.

 Nothing Human
        The Doctor creates a medical specialist to help save B'Elanna's life after an alien attacks her.

 Thirty Days
        Tom breaks the Prime Directive by helping an alien race save their world.  Janeway throws him in solitary for 30 days and demotes him to Ensign.

        Janeway helps a group of telepaths escape Devore space by playing games with the dangerous and seductive enemy leader.

 Latent Image
        The Doctor regains memories that were erased from his databanks and faces a moral dilemma all over again.

 Bride of Chaotica
        Harry and Janeway particapte in Tom's new holoprogram.

        Tom and Tuvok are stranded on a barren planet and survive with the help of an alien woman named Noss, who develops an attachment to Tuvok.

        The crew believes they have found a way home through a large wormhole and ignore Seven's warnings to the contrary with serious consequences.

Dark Frontier
        Seven is recaptured by the Borg and the Borg Queen tries to get her to doubt her humanity and individuality.

 The Disease
        Harry falls in love with an alien named Tal and breaks several Starfleet protocols to be with her.

 Course: Oblivion
            Tom and B'Elanna tie the knot just before Voyager's crew is stricken with a virulent disease.

 The Fight
        Chakotay communicates with Chaotic space aliens in a 24th century boxing match.

 Think Tank
        Janeway encounters an alien ship whose telepathic members offer to help Voyager against the Hazari for  a price: Seven.

        Torres leads an away team onto an alien ship to fight the "Angel of Decay."

Someone to Watch Over Me
        The Doctor falls for Seven while Neelix makes a social blunder.

        Janeway remembers stories about her explorer ancestor of the 20th century, Shannon O'Donnel.

            Seven is recruited to help the Federation Timeship Relativity go back in time to discover who was responsible for destroying Voyager in the future.

        Voyager encounters the USS Equinox and its crew in the Delta Quadrant, but Janeway learns that they have violated several of Starfleets directives including the Prime Directive.  The Doctor and Seven are taken as hostages as the Equinox crew escapes.



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