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Benjamin Sisko is the Captain of the Defiant, Commander of DS9, and Emissary(spiritual leader, chosen by the Prophets and called "The Sisko") of the Bajoran people.  He is a good, strong leader of both his peoples.  He has a son named Jake on the station and a father back on Earth.  He was very close Dax because he knew her in her last life as Curzon Dax, thus he affectionately calls her "Old Man".  Benjamin loves cooking & baseball.
Jadzia Dax was the Science Officer on DS9.  During the rough part of the war, she was given command of the Defiant, while her then fiancee, was serving aboard General Martok's ship.  Jadzia was a Trill and host to a sembient called Dax.  The sembient retains the memories of each of its hosts and therefore the host remembers.  Dax has been a parent 9 times over, 4 as a father and 5 as a mother.   She was killed in last season's finale, Tears of the Prophets, by Dukat (who also managed to "kill" the Prophets.)
Jake Sisko is a journalist and the son of the Captain.  During the time that Cardassia and the Dominion held DS9, he stayed on the station and reported the events that took place.  His best friend is Nog.
Nog was the first Ferengi in Starfleet.  He is the son of Rom and the nephew of Quark.  His dream came true when he got to be a member of Red Squad (top Starfleet Academy cadets) on active duty in Dominion space.  His buddy, Jake, was with him at the time and was less than joyous at their predicament.  Nog is as un-Ferengi as his father.
Rom is a Ferengi engineer.  He used to work for his brother at Quark's, but was hired by Miles for his amazing knowledge of engineering.  He recently married a Bajoran named Leeta, who worked for Quark. 
Leta works for Quark in his bar.  She was in love with Rom, but didn't know whether he felt the same.   She tried to get him to say something, but when he didn't she decided to leave the station with Dr. Zimmerman.  Rom stopped her in time and they are now happily married.
Garak is a Cardassian tailor aboard DS9.  He was once a highly placed official in the Obsidian Order, but he crossed the wrong people and was banished from Cardassia.  He still has some connections, and knows how to use them.  He was in love with Dukat's daughter, Ziel, and she loved him even more, therefore he was very hurt when she died.  He is wily, witty and refined (for a Cardassian).  I really like him and think that he should have a more involved part in the show.
Ezri Dax will make her DS9 debut in the 7th season's premiere episode, Image in the Sand (which will be continued in Shadows and Symbols).  She is a Starfleet officer, thought not of the same rank as Jadzia, and the new host to the Dax sembient. 
General Martok, a battle-hardened warrior is a great friend and adopted father to Worf.  The two fought against the Dominion together aboard Martok's Bird of Prey.