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The snow fell quietly outside as Jadeca wearily pushed her chair away from the computer desk.  She had been struck with a vicious case of writer's block and wanted nothing mroe than a hot bath and a warm bed.  She sighed in frustration; she was never going to get this stupid novel done!  It wasn't that she hated writing romance, it was just that she wanted to give the book a plot.  "Oh, well," she thought, "I'll finish the chapter tomorrow."

She stood up and stretched, smothering a yawn.  The snow was really piling up outside and she had a sinking feeling that she was going to be trapped inside all day tomorrow.  She walked over to her TV and put in her favorite movie, Labyrinth.  A sigh of contentment escaped her lips as David Bowie started singing the opening song.  She strolled into the bathroom and started to run a a bath.  The last few weeks had been pretty rough on the not-quite-25-year-old.  Her best friend, Laz, had divorced her husband, her friend Michelle had vowed never to speak to her again, and her old college roommate, Cassie, had disappeared!  Worst of all, Jadeca was stuck in this run-down little apartment with no friends and no money on Christmas Eve!  Basically, her life sucked!

Choking back a hysterical laugh/sob, Jadeca stepped into the tub.  She listened as the movie droned on in the background an dheard those fateful words; "I wish the goblins would take you away, right now."  Sighing in longing, Jadeca whispered the words too, with some alterations, "I wish the Goblin King would come take me away right now."  Suddenly the room went dark and a chill wind blew, making Jadeca shiver.  The next thing she knew, she was opening her eyes in a room that was definitely not her bathroom.

She was lying on a huge four poster bed surrounded by a dozen pillows.  The rest of the room was equally astounding.  The floor was covered by a thick, midnight blue shag carpet.  A mahogany dresser and two chairs also graced the room.  She turned in alarm as the door she had just noticed began to open.  Into the room walked the man she had dreamed about so many times, Jareth, the Gobin King.  "Damn," she quietly sighed, "then this is a dream."

Jareth smiled as he shut the door.  "No, this is no dream.  It is as real as you always believed it could be."  Jadeca looked at him in confusion; this couldn't be real, could it?  Well, there was one thing for sure, she was going to enjoy this.  She beckoned him over to the bed and he sat down next to her.  He smiled at her seductively and bent to kiss her.  She shivered in pleasure as his lips met hers; if this was a dream, she hoped she never woke up.  Within a few moments, she couldn't put together a coherent thought.

Smiling in satisfaction, a lone figure backed away from Jareth's door and the involved couple inside.  She turned and started walking down the hall.  "Merry Christmas, Jadeca," Cassie whispered as she turned the corner and headed for her room.


I have taken the liberty of changing character names, but other than that this work is entirely the product of and therefore the copyright of Casey Cooper.